Paradise Valley’s Marketing Depicts “We Buy Houses”

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Sometimes looking in the rear-view mirror will give you indications on where you need to deploy your resources in the coming year. It is our opinion that the Reno, Sparks, and Carson City real estate market has serious challenges with housing affordability. This is the area where Paradise Valley Group is famous for the We Buy Houses marketing campaign.  The influx of workers seeking employment in our newly energized construction industry or with the multitude of new employers relocating here will continue to stress our limited inventory of homes for sale, with price increases the inevitable result. Average yearly income stands at $55,000 which drives first time home buyers to find properties priced less than $200,000.

Paradise Valley Group, Inc. recognized this gap in this market segment and has targeted our We Buy Houses marketing campaign in an effort to find properties that are located in desirable areas and refurbish these properties to a standard that will attract the first time home buyers.

 Our first released property in 2016 is an example of how we are addressing this segment of the market. 1505 E. Long St Carson City is a renovated townhouse with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths perfectly positioned for the first time home buyers. It has a retail price of $119,500.

 Paradise Valley Group, Inc. is developing a pipeline of properties that are being vetted as possible candidates to continue to fill this gap. We feel we have a responsibility to assist in the growth of this region by offering quality properties to first time home buyers.



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