We Can Make You a Cash Offer With a Quick Close OR We can Have Your Property Listed On The MLS.

The Choice is Yours!!

This is all about YOU….And the choices that YOU want to make!

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1. Capture as much equity that you have accumulated while living in your home

2. Closing the transaction at a time that is convent to you.


YOU select the exit strategy that best fits your specific needs.  YOU get to choose the program.  YOU get to decide if YOU want to have your home listed on the MLS or do YOU just want to close quickRealtor 2ly and move on with your life.

Our unique program gives us the flexibility to offer what’s best for YOU and not what will benefit us.


 Benefits of Selling to an Investor

  • Home is sold “As-Is” no need for repairs or upgrades
  • CASH Sale
  • Can usually close escrow in as little as 10 days
  • Investor pays majority of all closing cost.
  • No Appraisals
  • No Banks
  • No Commissions

Benefits of Selling Through a Realtor

  • MLS Exposure
  • Best Sale Price
  • Showcasing Experience
  • Access to Qualified Buyers
  • Understand home financing
  • Get the most up-to-date property listings, comparisons, and benchmarks
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring, Renegotiating and Closing


 Paradise Valley Group, Inc. has partnered with Colleen McKoy of Bradway Properties in Carson City to bring you a unique program that combines the speed of an Investor (Paradise Valley Group) with the experience of a seasoned Realtor (Bradway Properties).